The European Solidarity Centre is among others a science and research centre, conducted by the Reasearch Department. It is our ambition to organize lectures and meetings and conduct scientific research concerning the most important problems that societies face nowadays. Building a democratic culture, shaping the European identity, social justice, new civic movements, or questions concerning the interpretation of the latest history of Central and Eastern Europe, are the subjects of realized projects. The results of our research work are summarized in books that we issue in the field of sociology, philosophy, political sciences and history, in reports, as well as scientific (“Wolność i Solidarność” [Freedom and Solidarity. Studies on the History of the Opposition against Communism and Dictatorship]) and popular science (“New Eastern Europe”, “Nowaja Jewropa”) magazines. We hope that our work contributes to changing social imagination and we are looking for solutions for the changing world. Results of our work can be found on a public website as e-books and e-learning materials.