Due to our attractive space in the ECS new facilities at Solidarity Square 1 in Gdańsk – the permanent exhibition dedicated to Solidarity and the changes it caused in Central and Eastern Europe, two educational rooms, two seminar rooms, one room for children, the auditorium, the library, and the winter garden – in the 2018/2019 school year we were visited by 11,136 pupils.

We trust that school principals and teachers can find a friendly space at the ECS that will allow them to extend the knowledge and shape civic attitudes of their pupils. We invite pupils from all teaching levels and all types of classes, also integration ones. We offer history and civic workshops, conferences, national and local projects. Subjects and forms of our activities are adjusted to the needs of the group, as well as individual capabilities of the children.

Our offer complements the teaching curriculum, as it is the ECS mission to spread the knowledge of Solidarity movement, the peaceful revolution that changed the face of whole Central and Eastern Europe, and to shape conscious and mature civic attitudes. We believe that we can still draw social energy from the experience of August 1980 today as well.

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