Second Edition, revised and corrected

edited by Basil Kerski and Konrad Knoch

The exhibition—a modern multimedia presentation devoted to Solidarity’s revolution and the collapse of the Soviet bloc—is one of Poland’s biggest narrative exhibitions on the recent history of Poland and Europe. It explains the phenomenon and originality of the Solidarity movement and does it in a way that makes the subject both interesting and understandable to a variety of audiences: witnesses and participants of the depicted events, foreign guests, people from the younger generations, and even children. […] We also take a look at Solidarity as a myth. We want to keep the Solidarity experience well within the memory of Poles and Europeans, so that in the community of European democracies it is seen as an important part of Europe’s founding myth.
The catalogue includes the description as well as historical materials and photographs of the daily life of the exhibition and close-ups of the historical artefacts presented at the exhibition that visitors will find during their journey through seven halls of the European Solidarity Centre’s permanent exhibition.
Gdańsk 2021, 288 pages
ISBN: 978-83-62853-97-7
price: 119 zł
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