Medal of Gratitude

The Medal of Gratitude is awarded to foreigners who supported Poland in its fight for freedom and democracy, without whom the victory of Solidarity in Europe would be much more difficult.

The ECS established this honorary award on the 30th anniversary of the birth of Solidarity. Over 700 persons from all over the world have received it so far. Some smuggled printing machines and radio transmitters for the underground Solidarity Trade Union, others organised shipments of food and medication, others took care of the families of interned oppositionists or demonstrated to defend Poland’s violated civil rights.

The people of Poland would like to thank all those whose support has helped us regain our freedom.

The chairman of the chapter of the Medal of Gratitude is Lech Wałęsa, the former president of Poland, historical leader of Solidarity Trade Union, Nobel Peace Prize laureate.

Everyone can nominate a candidate to the award. Please find below the application form.


The completed application form should be send to:
List of the Medal of Gratitude laureates from 2010-2021
full list of the laureates