Solidarity, Democracy, Europe
edited by Basil Kerski and Jacek Kołtan

The social impact of Solidarity, new forms of coexistence, the crisis of democracy and capitalism, the future of Europe and of Poland are only some of the themes explored in this book by such prominent authors as Zygmunt Bauman, Edwin Bendyk, Krzysztof Czyżewski, Dominika Kozłowska, Sławomir Magala, Reinhard Marx, Cezary Obracht-Prondzyński, Shalini Randeria, Michael Sandel, Gesine Schwan, Timothy Snyder, Guy Sorman and Michel Wieviorka.
This volume consists of lectures in the “Ethics of Solidarity” series and essays written for the European Solidarity Centre in 2011–2019. All of these have become inspirational for ECS, setting out topics for everyday work of the institution and helping to discover the directions in which the institution should develop to meet the challenges of modern times.

Gdańsk 2021, 224 pages
series: Idea of Solidarity. Social theory
ISBN: 978-83-66532
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